Hi, I'm Nic

Impact Statement:

Achieving significant impact by identifying prime investment opportunities, executing seamless acquisitions, and optimizing property performance through effective management practices.


Nic Espanet began his journey as a passive investor in multifamily properties back in 2016. In 2018, he closed his first deal as a Lead Syndicator & Asset Manager. Since then, he has continued to invest passively in properties, accumulating a total of 2,232 doors as a passive investor. Additionally, he has successfully syndicated the purchase of 9 properties, totaling 1,606 doors.

In addition to his real estate experience, he brings 17 years of expertise as a small business owner in private practice as a Physical Therapist. Throughout those years, he has honed his skills in managing physical therapy teams, ensuring optimal performance and quality care.

Deal acquisition, capital raising, and asset management are his areas of expertise. With a proven track record in these areas, he is dedicated to identifying lucrative investment opportunities, securing necessary funds, and effectively managing deals to maximize returns.






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